Cash grant providing needed support to parents

Parents and guardians turned out in their numbers, as government commenced the distribution of its  $25,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and $5,000 uniform and school supplies grant across the country on Tuesday.

Minister within the Office of the President with Responsibility of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh handing over grant to parent.

The exercise benefitting 194,000 Guyanese students, will continue over the course of the week and will see the distribution of almost $6 billion in disposable income.

DPI visited several schools including Queens College, St. Joseph’s High, North Georgetown, Tutorial, Marian Academy among others on Tuesday, where parents expressed appreciation for the grant. They said the fund will ‘take the load off their pockets.’

Mother of four, Odette Mayers said “I am very much grateful, it is a wonderful initiative. With everything that is happening worldwide, as parents, we are much thankful for it.”

Parent who received “Because We Care” cash grant

She further added that “It is very important because I am not a single parent, but when I heard about this initiative my heart went out to the single parents because it’s not easy. It is very challenging for one parent to have to provide for their children. It’s not just the school stuff, but to put snacks in their lunch kits. So, this initiative would help to take some of that load off.”

Stacy Carmichael, another mother of four, who has three children attending school shared similar sentiments.

“I think the cash grant initiative is a very good one by the government because it helps parents to offset the expenses, back to school expenses…. even though it can’t buy every single thing for your child, at least it is a great help and an ease on the pockets of parents and I commend it.” 

Another parent, Mohamed Sheriff said the initiative is greatly needed because some children in this time still attend school barefoot. He said the initiative lives up to its name.

“This is great, this says something about our government. It says that they care for us, our children more so, and for a parent like me. If you indicate to me or give me some reason to feel that you care for my kids then that’s wonderful. Everybody wants someone to care for their kids. So, if you care for my kids what do I do? I care for you.”

“Because We Care” $30,000 cash grant

Meanwhile, Zelaina Melindes said “It is not just because it is a private school means that you know we can afford certain things. Parents like me can’t afford certain things. So, I am very thankful that they made the contributions to the private schools and not just the public schools.”

Last year, the grant saw every child receiving some $19,000, an increase from the $10,000 per child which was first given to public school students in 2014.

The grant has been increased this year to $25,000, while the school uniform and supplies voucher increased from $4,000 to $5,000, taking the total to $30,000

The government has committed to increasing the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant to $50,000 by 2025.