Cash grant would buttress household income

-ensure children prepared for school
-Minister Todd

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, MP, says the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant would ensure that more students enrolled in the public education system complete their education as it would help to supplement household incomes.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, MP, addresses parents and guardians at Diamond Secondary School

Minister Todd also said the grant would also ensure that more students are able to pursue and achieve their academic dreams.

The Minister made this statement while leading the grant distribution exercise at the Diamond Secondary School on Monday.

Teachers processing parents and guardians for their cash grants

“It is a focus on supplementing the incomes of our parents… The cash grant is more than just cash in their hands.  In substance, it is there to motivate and make the learning experience of your kids a better one.”

It would also boost the esteem of children, he said, knowing that they have all of the supplies they need for school.

Teachers processing parents and guardians for their cash grants

Minister Todd says the Administration’s investment in children’s education will help to mould minds that “will be innovative and creative in helping us as a Government… [and] lay the policy framework for our youths when they become older to enter the labour force, to be able to really contribute to the engine of growth.”

To this end, the Foreign Affairs Minister told parents and guardians that the grant is not a gimmick meant to curry favour, but is an inclusive policy aimed at guaranteeing social development.

“This is not a handout. This is part of our development agenda. This is an investment. An investment that we are not looking for any returns.

“The returns we are getting as a Government is being able to satisfy… so, that you can be able to take care of your kids in school.”

On the side-lines of the event, several parents expressed their support for the programme.

Beneficiary, Ms. Andrea Allen

Ms. Andrea Allen, a mother of five children with two on the way said, “I think it is a good idea and an easier way for parents to get their school things and so, especially as a single parent.”

Beneficiary, Ms. Camille Charles

Another parent, Ms. Camille Charles, added that the grant would be “helping out a lot because you know, when you have like more than one child, it would be a great help because $19,000 can give you at least a few things.”

The cash grant initiative will target nearly 172,000 students through a $3.2 billion allocation under the 2021 budget.