CCJ has contradicted itself, completely ignored Order 60 – Aubrey Norton

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Executive Member of the APNU Aubrey Norton is of the view that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in their ruling completely ignored Order 60 of 2020, which was gazetted to guide the recount process.

That Order he said speaks to having a credible recount.

The CCJ in their decision ruled that Guyana Court of Appeal did not have jurisdiction to hear the Eslyn David vs GECOM matter and as such the Chief Elections Officer’s report which was guided by the Appellate Court’s decision, be set aside.

Norton is of the view that the CCJ has contradicted itself in handing down the ruling.

He pointed out that Justice Adrian Saunders in the Case Management hearing clearly stated that the CCJ cannot instruct GECOM; yet in handing down today’s ruling the court appeared to do the opposite.

Order 60 which was ignored by the CCJ, Norton noted, speaks to a credible process. “GECOM could not agree to be guided by a gazetted order approved by President David Granger and the Opposition Leader and then decide to ignore it as the court purports to do… the order is explicit – the whole purpose is to ensure that at the end of the process there are credible votes. The APNU+AFC believes that the focus has to be on credible votes”

The APNU Executive member opined that if the focus is only on tabulated votes, “we are going to be in a position where we are perpetuating fraud.”

The Election Commission is set to meet tomorrow to discuss the way forward. Norton said that he expects the Commission to honour the order and produce a report with only credible votes.

The constitution of Guyana Norton reminded remains the supreme law of the land adding that GECOM must operate based on that constitution. He said under that constitution, any government that comes to power must be elected on valid votes.