CCJ ruling clear path to free, fair and credible elections – Pres. Granger

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 18, 2019

President David Granger today stated that his government will abide with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling. He noted that the decision outlines a path to free, fair and credible elections.

In a statement following the ruling by the court in Trinidad, the Head of State said he will await word from the Elections Commission before announcing a specific date when the elections can be held.

President David Granger

“The Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Justice Patterson, has previously informed me that the Commission will be ready to hold elections in November 2019. This will be after the completion of house-to-house registration. I now await a recommendation for a specific date from GECOM and I will then issue a proclamation.”

The president was emphatic that elections can only be held once house-to-house registration is completed.

“It is essential that we hold fair, free and credible elections. We cannot proceed on the current list of voters. It is outdated and corrupted. It may hold as many as 200,000 incorrect entries.  What’s more, those who have reached the age of 18 years since the last election are not on it,” President Granger underscored.

Pointing to the recent IMF report that highlighted the positive developments in the country over the last four years, President Granger called on citizens to support the Coalition in delivering more transformations in the future.

He reminded that from 2015 to now, Guyana has been moving in the right direction, after 23 years of stagnation under successive PPP administrations; significant progress has been made, however, “there is still a lot more to do”.

“The international monetary fund has recently indicated that Guyana is on the right path in respect to our management of Guyana’s oil resources. Guyanese will be given the choice to elect a government they trust to continue on this path to keep Guyana moving forward; to secure a better life for everyone with the united APNU+AFC Coalition. Our risk our future by returning to the past.”

With a vote for the Coalition, President Granger said, Guyanese will be given the opportunity to secure a better life for every family in a society that is more cohesive; with better infrastructure, greater access to quality education and an economy that is more resilient – providing better jobs.

Image: Kawise Wishart