CDC delivers wood, zinc sheets for homes damaged by heavy winds

As a representation of the government’s continued efforts to cushion the effects of the heavy rainfall on vulnerable families, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) on Friday delivered zinc sheets, nails, and wood to a Goed Fortuin family whose home had been damaged by heavy winds. 

This comes mere days after an inspection of the home was conducted following a request for assistance by neighbours.

Director-General of the CDC, Colonel Nazrul Hussein

Alecia Glasgow, who resides with her daughter, said the materials will be a great help, as they did not have the resources to rehabilitate their home.

She said, “I feel a lot of relief, and I am grateful. I thank the person who called for help, and the minister and everyone who contributed to do this for me.”

Alecia Glasgow

Regional Vice Chairman of Region Three, Omesh Satyanand said earlier on Friday, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) delivered materials to several other affected homes in Good Intent, with the assistance of GAICO construction.

He said, “This is basically what we are doing in the region, seeing how best we can help. We’re hoping that with this material here, they will be able to put on a better roof so that the family can be comfortable. We will continue to give this kind of assistance because the weather is really bad now.”

Regional Vice Chairman for Region Three, Omesh Satyanand

Director-General of the CDC, Colonel Nazrul Hussein, explained that the CDC continues to render assistance where possible for some of the most vulnerable families.

“Some of these vulnerable families need that assistance and that’s why we’re here to be able to help them to cope.

The roof of the house had been blown away by heavy winds

“The ultimate goal is for all communities to be resilient, and this in itself tells us of the nature of the vulnerability we’d like for everybody to have a safe home, and these homes need to be built according to certain specifications. Now that we are seeing more and more roofs being impacted, the contractors now have to start ensuring that they build more secure structures,” he noted.