CDC’s Director General visits Flood Impacted communities in Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10)

Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), traveled to Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10) on August 13-14, 2021 to observe and assess the flood affected communities. The visit began by engaging the CDC supervisory and support staff there who are responsible for shelter management, impact monitoring and hamper distribution (hamper distribution is spearheaded by Regional Authorities with assistance from the CDC). Mr. Craig inquired about the consistency and distribution of supplies; and the monitoring of areas from Kwakwani to Sand Hills (along the Berbice River) and was pleased with the results so far.

The Director General then visited the shelters in the Region that are managed and supported by the Commission. Shelters at Aroaima, Hururu, Forestry and Kwakwani were inspected and recommendations were made as it related to management operations. The Hostel, which serves as the remaining shelter, was not visited as there were no occupants at the time.

Lieutenant Colonel Craig also inspected a few communities that were, and still are, hard hit by the flood waters. Ladernsville, Hururu, Lamp Island and the Kwakwani Waterfront were visited where water levels are still fairly high in some residences and business establishments. Several sections of access roads are still inundated and the Director General noticed structural damage of varying degrees throughout the communities. Mr. Craig also engaged residents and representatives of the Regional Democratic Council, including Ms. Renita Ignatius of Hururu to receive firsthand feedback of the devastating effects of the floods; and the shelter experiences in general. He regarded the engagements as fruitful and insightful. The CDC continues to monitor all flood prone and impacted areas across Guyana, while working symbiotically with national and regional authorities to gather accurate updates. The Commission’s National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) is a 24-hour hotline that steadily receives data from the entire country and residents are encouraged to contact them on 600-7500 to report any impacts.