Children must be equipped to be positive adults – Min Persaud

new parenting manual launched

The Childcare and Protection Agency through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security today launched its parenting manual at the Herdmanston Lodge, Georgetown.

Human Services and Social Security Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud underscored the need for the initiative.

“From time immemorial there has been the rites of passage where children become adults, and we would like to know that when that rites of passage occurs, those children are equipped with every conceivable thing that can take to them to the point where they are positive, constructive adults, who can make the kind of tangible inputs into our country.”

Dr Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security

Minister Persaud noted that the Childcare and Protection Agency is expanding its mandate to cater to every stage of a child’s development.

She pointed to the responsibility of social workers to influence the custodians of children, who will be trained by them using the parenting manual.

“This responsibility that you have been tasked with is no easy one. It might pose some challenges, but what you can look back on after today is the fact that you will play perhaps the most influential role in this period of our country, where for the first time parents will be engaged in a very structured way.”

Ministry of Human Services and Social Security launches Parenting Manual

The ministry has been initiating programmes aimed at addressing social issues, such as child abuse.

In September, the ‘street light project,’ was launched and aims to ensure that children have a safe environment away from the dangers that exist on the roadways.

Further, parents and guardians of children living with disabilities will benefit from an extension of the government’s ‘safe space’ day and night care facility.

The Childcare and Protection Agency has the overall responsibility of ensuring the safety and protection of children in Guyana and promoting the rights of the child.

Some of its key responsibilities is in keeping with the Custody, Contact, Guardianship and Maintenance Act 2011. The agency also provides psychosocial support and other assistance to vulnerable families, responds to child abuse reports, and provides safe places and recovery for victims of abuse, among other services.