Children’s homes, high school graduates to benefit from GOAL scholarships – President Ali

-Hosts special celebration for youngsters at State House

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that the Government will continue to roll out programmes to benefit all children, including those from children’s homes.

During a special Christmas ceremony for young people from over a dozen children’s homes, hosted at the weekend, the President reminded them of their importance to the development of Guyana.

“So, my dear children, I want you to know that we love you a lot; your country loves you. You are part of the One Guyana family.”

The President said that in order to ensure that the children are given opportunities, he has asked the Ministry of Education to pay special emphasis on their education, including at the tertiary level.

“So all the children from the homes who will finish CXC will get a scholarship under the GOAL programme to pursue your studies.”

The President implored the youngsters to take advantage of the opportunities and told them that they are part of the development of the country.

He also encouraged them to continue to be good ambassadors and to work together while lauding the caregivers for their service and care.  

The work of his Office, the Office of the First Lady and the Ministry of Human Services over the last year were also highlighted.

“In the last year, we have been able to support many of the homes, many of the children. We have been able to get more corporate support to make your life easier.”

He also assured the children that in the coming year, the Government will be working on many new programmes to further enhance and enrich their lives, giving them more opportunities at an individual level, while bolstering support through new programmes at the different homes.

One of those programmes will be the nurturing of talented youngsters.

“We also want to ensure that children in the homes who have special talents that we can identify those children and we can also give them opportunities… In many of the homes, you have children who are gifted; some gifted in sport, some gifted in different talents, artistic talents. So we also want to work on supporting children in the homes who have special talents.”

The President, who was joined by his son Zayd, wished them all a Merry Christmas and said that he was elated to be able to spend time with them.

“And we are so, so happy that we can share this time with you today. I am so happy that I’ll be sitting with you today, and we shall be eating together. Thank you very much. God bless you. We love you.”

Along with special treats and toys, the children and their caregivers were treated to a string of lively, cultural performances from the boys and girls from the various homes.

The Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce, the Honourable Oneidge Walrond; the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, the Honourable Kwame McCoy; the Permanent Secretary of the Office of the President, Ms Abeena Moore and other staff of the Office of the President participated in the activity.  

The President said that different teams will be dispatched to other homes across regions for similar exercises.