Chinese delegation on observance mission at LHC

─Credited for overwhelming contributions to health care services in Region Ten

─Pioneered laparoscopic surgeries in Linden

─Chinese Government donates millions to LHC 

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, May 11, 2019

The doctors that have been serving the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) in the present and past Chinese medical brigade, have been credited and commended for their immeasurable service in the provision of high quality and advanced health care services to the residents of Region Ten.

The doctors were commended for the good work they have been doing by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Mohammed Riyasat, who on May 10, met with a visiting delegation from the Yancheng Third People’s Hospital in China. The delegation was on a fact-finding mission, to ascertain whether the doctors who are on a Guyana/China exchange programme are working under comfortable conditions.

The delegation was pleased with what they observed and more so, with the high commendation the doctors received.

Dr. Riyasat said because of the services rendered by the Chinese Government, LHC is the only regional hospital providing such advanced health care services in Guyana. “It is very intensive, we have learnt quite a lot from them and we hope and we know that this relationship, will be continuing.”

While referring to many areas, he focused on the pioneering of laparoscopic surgeries at LHC. The Laparoscopic Surgery Centre at LHC was commissioned in 2014 by a previous brigade. Laparoscopy is a specialised surgical intervention in which a surgeon using a keyhole with minimal invasion is able to visualize and operate inside the abdomen and pelvic area, using specialized cameras, tools and conduits to perform surgery. Compared to conventional surgery, laparoscopy provides patients with less bleeding, less invasive, faster recovery and fewer scars.

Dr. Riyasat said that not only would the doctors have conducted surgeries, but they would have trained local doctors in executing the surgery as well. We are very dependent on the Chinese doctors for the laparoscopic surgery as these are the only doctors who operate in our hospital over the years in the area of laparoscopy… it is a learning area for the hospital, it is a plus for the hospital, we greatly appreciate their skills knowledge and experience.” 

In addition to providing training and medical services, the Government of the People’s Republic of China has been expending millions of dollars in donations of medical supplies and equipment to LHC. In 2018, $6.2 Milion in much-needed items, were donated.  Dr. Riyasat said that these donations served a lot of patients, who otherwise would have had to be referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).  He related that the Chinese Government also assisted LHC with establishing its modern operating theatre.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the visiting delegation, Dr. Tan Junyuan who said that exchanges also benefit the Chinese doctors since it enhances mutual understanding, promotes cultural exchanges between the two countries and build a long term and stable friendship. “Long live our friendship and family. You are welcomed to come to China and are welcomed to our hospital,” he said.

Story and Images: Vanessa Braithwaite