Chiung Mouth to get potable water for Christmas

Residents of Chiung Mouth, Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight) will soon have access to potable water as the Ministry of Housing and Water plans to dig a $19.3 million well in the community for Christmas.

Minister within the Ministry, Hon. Susan Rodrigues made this announcement yesterday during an outreach to the small, farming village.  The well will be dug in the community for convenience she said, noting that it is yet another demonstration of the PPP/C Government keeping its campaign promise.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues

“We chose the most critical project that would bring the most impact, that would bring the most benefit and relief to the villagers…The previous well was outside of the community and you had to walk a long distance to get the water. We will drill the well in the community and we will have the distribution network installed,” she said.

The installation of the well will also create jobs in the village.

“We will take care of your water issues and you will help us with individual connections to as many houses as possible,” the Minister said.

She also assured residents that the project will be done transparently.

Meanwhile, Toshao Euseutact Augustine welcomed the project. He said over the last two years villages depended on water from creeks or harvested rainwater.

“It is long we have been suffering without water. I am glad to have this team providing Chiung Mouth Village with water,” he said.

The contract for the construction of the well was awarded to R. Kissoon Contracting Services. The site for the well has already been identified and preparatory works are expected to start the first week in November.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues (centre), is flanked by, left and right, Director of Hinterland Services, Mr. Ramchand Jailall and Toshao of Chiung Mouth, Mr. Euseutact Augustine right mark the stie for the new well. Contractors of R. Kissoon Contracting Services are also pictured.