CH&PA online services back up and running – Min. Croal

-updates, queries, applications can be done online

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal says persons with housing queries can now have them addressed online through the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA) website, which was launched on Tuesday.

Minister Croal made this disclosure at a public outreach he hosted today in   Corriverton, Region Six.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal listens to this women’s concerns during an outreach in Corriverton today.

He encouraged the public to make full use of the services offered via the website  instead of travelling to the its Brickdam office.

“For the persons who are updating their information, we have put back because for one reason or the other, the last Government in 2017, it was taken off the website. So, you can now have your updated information scanned and be sent online to us and we will update it… If you have queries, you can also send them in and we will have someone from the relevant department respond,” he said.

The online service also caters for persons who have applied for permits and are seeking answers.

The Ministry has recognised that accessing current information for persons who have applied for house lots has been challenging. Many times, Minister Croal said, eligible applicants could not be contacted due to a change of address or telephone number.  As such, the Ministry has implemented a two-day response time for queries made via the website.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal listens to this women’s concerns during an outreach in Corriverton today.

“We want to make services available and much more accessible to you as the citizens,” he said.

Minister Croal said the Ministry will also be relaunching its webpage, where persons could update their status and access up-to-date information from the Ministry.

Additionally, he said, this month, the Ministry would be working to strengthen the regional housing offices countrywide. This is to ensure they can undertake their duties effectively.

Meanwhile, the Minister assured residents of Corriverton that their housing challenges would be addressed. He reminded them that they have a Government that cares and will respond to their needs and wants.

Minister Croal said that in March, the Government will be addressing the backlog of titles for persons who were already allocated their house lots. Further, he noted that steps are already being taken to address the backlog of over 70,000 house lot applications that are in the system.

Meanwhile, Minister Croal noted that infrastructural works are ongoing in Number 79 Village, Williamsburg, Hampshire, Number 75 Village and Ordinance Fortlands for the development of house lots.

“In Region Six you can be assured that there will be continued investment in the housing sector for the development of the areas. You can be assured that we are working to acquire more lands so that we can make allocations available,” he said.

Staff of the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA) during today’s outreach in Corriverton.

The Minister also said that through a public/private partnership, 200 homes would be constructed for young professionals. This would be done in Ordinance Fortlands and Williamsburg.

In January, during a similar exercise, Minister Croal announced that no less than $2 billion would be invested in infrastructural works in Region Six under the 2021 work programme.

The PPP/C Government is committed to allocating 50,000 house lots over a five-year period as outlined in its manifesto. In the 2020 Emergency Budget, several measures were implemented to make homeownership affordable for all.

Regional Chairman, Mr. David Armogan also participated in the today’s outreach.