Christmas Message by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

The holidays remain curtailed as Guyana, like the rest of the world, continues the relentless battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is with great sadness that we reflect on all the lives we have lost in the pandemic. However, we must take strength and be hopeful in the countess human sacrifices and the sense of community the pandemic has generated.

Once again, on behalf of the people of Guyana, I thank our bilateral and international partners, all of our frontline workers and members of the government, the National Covid-19 task force and the joint services, for their selfless work in keeping our country safe.

As your President, I will endeavour to do everything I can in supporting and implementing a balanced and strategic approach in the continued fight against this pandemic.

I, however, ask each of us to do our part by getting vaccinated, taking the booster shots and wearing a mask when in public.

As we celebrate these holidays, we must be aware of the countless initiatives that have contributed to a positive outlook for our country. Despite the ravages of the pandemic and its consequences on the global economy, we in Guyana can still be proud of a robust economy, positive growth, enhanced social services and greater benefits, in cash and kind, being passed down to the population.

Indeed, many of these measures do not go unnoticed, and I have received positive reviews from international bodies.

As ‘One Guyana’, we will continue to move forward from strength to strength in building a prosperous Guyana, and in whose prosperity all will be a part of.

As we celebrate the holidays, we must also be thankful that our country has been able to attract major foreign and local investment, and these investments, no doubt, would lead to the creation of sustainable jobs and the further expansion of our economy.

The outlook for 2022 is exciting but will not be without challenges as we continue to face a worsening global supply chain. The consequences of which will be continued rising prices for imported goods, supplies and transportation services. This, coupled with climate change and the pandemic, would require robust and strategic policymaking to mitigate against the full consequences of the challenges, both social and economic, as I outlined before.

Notwithstanding our challenges, this season and Christmas itself teaches us the lessons of hope over despair, sacrifices in overcoming challenges, faith in overcoming obstacles and trust in God as a means and source to achieving all things.

It is the combination of faith, trust and hope that must ignite us into the future.

Each of us must resolve to be stronger, better, and more committed to individual, family, community, and country development.

Let these holidays be reflective of the life we have lived versus what elements are missing in making it better, and more importantly, the commitment to fixing those elements.

It is with great love for all of you here in Guyana and the Diaspora, and those in our regional and international community of humanity, I wish all of you, on behalf of my family and I, happy holidays.

God bless you and be safe!