Citizens laud new relief measures announced by President Ali

Citizens are lauding the Government for its continued efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable groups amid the Covid pandemic.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali on Monday announced that $2.6 billion has been earmarked to assist pensioners, persons benefitting from public assistance and persons living with disabilities. 

A one-off cash grant of $25,000 will be distributed to over 65,000 pensioners and some 25,000 public assistance recipients and persons living with disabilities. This includes one month of free electricity for over 40,000 households consuming 75 kilowatts per month.

Ms. Raghunandan (only name given)

Ms. Raghunandan (only name given) told DPI that this initiative is one which she appreciates as it shows that the Government not only recognises, the effects of the pandemic, but one with solutions. 

“I think that our elderly folks have served our country in whatever way they may have and they should benefit in some way because for many persons like the elderly, it might be a challenge to meet their basic needs and having some form of assistance in that retrospect they can carry on their daily duties,” she said.

Mr. Hetram Bisnauth, citizen

Mr. Hetram Bisnauth said the implementation of these measures is a perfect demonstration of why the Guyanese people elected the party.

“We need leaders in this country that care for its people, the elderly but not only the elderly, but children and every single form of life. This country should be respected and treated with love and respect.”  Mr. Bisnauth hopes that more measures of a similar nature could be implemented for the benefit of all Guyanese.

Ms. Shirley Sukhanna said she is grateful, as it is needed during this pandemic.“These measures will be very good because things are expensive now and so when you get your monthly bills for payment, it can be difficult at times to choose which to pay. I have to thank the Government for this because it will help a lot.”

Another thankful citizen, Ms. Carmen Persaud noted that these measures will now offset some of her expenses. As a person with a disability, Ms. Persaud said it has been difficult for her to manage. “I appreciate it and I am glad, because there is a lot of poor people, some cannot afford it while some could and they would be very glad for it.”

These new relief measures join the long list of other benefits introduced by the PPP/C Government since assuming office in August, 2020.