City, East Coast residents celebrate traditional Easter

The traditional Guyanese Easter retuned with a bang as Guyanese turned out in their numbers in Georgetown and along the East Coast Demerara to have the experience.

Families were flying kites, having picnics and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Unlike the past two years, people were able to gather without the COVID-19 restrictions, soaking up the sun and enjoying themselves.

Ariel Miggins

Ariel Miggins’ facial expression said it all as she spoke to the DPI about being outside. “For me, I was looking forward to this since corona has started and it is nice to know that we as Guyanese can come out here and just practice what we usually do every year, and it is nice to see us all together again once more. Very much enjoyable. I looked forward to it for a such a long time so I will be out here for a while, even though I have work in the morning but that is fine,” the young lady said.

Gregory Bastian

Gregory Bastian who was at the time preparing his kite to take to the sky said, “I am here at the National Park today with my family after a long period of this Covid lockdown. I was feeling bad about it, and I am feeling really glad to be out here right now with the entire family. I see a lot of people. I would like to take this time to wish all Guyanese a happy Easter, and I hope that next year we are not lock down again.”

The joyful Rosemary Henry said she did not let the pandemic stop her from flying her kite but noted that this year is much better to be celebrating it with so many people.

Rosemary Henry

“It is just great to be out, out in the air, get the fresh breeze and so. Two years ago, I took one of the plastic kites and I put it on my window, so I flew the kite right there. So, this year, it is nice to be out amongst all the people, seeing all these kites and seeing the joy on their faces,” Henry stated.

Kenneth Quintyn sharing similar sentiments said, “it is refreshing to see so many persons out here today, enjoying what is normal to us Guyanese because I was telling my wife the other day, when we were children growing up, soon after Christmas you would see kites in the air and it was more than surprising to see so many persons out here and I hope things can get better.”

Nicole James

While for most people they were returning to how they celebrated Easter, Nicole James was experiencing her first Easter in Guyana. “This is my first – time experiencing Easter in Guyana, and it is very beautiful, and I am glad it was a lot that happened this year. So, it is my first time walking the seawalls, seeing the kites, seeing the vendors and I am looking forward to getting some good food and some nice things to drink,” she said.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali in his Easter message said, “The joy of Easter is to be found in families coming together, in the company of friends and in the smiles and happy faces of Guyanese. Easter brings us together and it brings out the best in all of us.”