Comfort Sleep: Ensuring comfortable sleep with Made In Guyana certified mattresses, other products

On average, we use our mattresses for between six and nine hours per night and it is important that they provide the comfort needed and function as expected. It is well known that getting enough sleep benefits overall health and the quality of our mattresses can greatly impact this.

In 2022, Comfort Sleep, a company committed to ensuring persons in and out of Guyana get a good night’s rest, received permission from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark on its mattresses and related products.

CEO and Director of Comfort Sleep Mr. Dennis Charran receive the Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark from Technical Officer ofthe GNBS Mr. Keon Rankin

Comfort Sleep was established in August 2003 by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director, Mr. Dennis Charran, a man who lets service and quality promote his business. For many years prior to the establishment of Comfort Sleep, Mr. Charran imported mattresses from Slumbersleep, a Trinidadian company, which eventually established its presence in Guyana with him as the Production Manager. In 2003, Slumbersleep closed its local doors and Mr. Charran took the opportunity to become his own boss, and today runs the country’s leading foam mattress company.

CEO and Director of Comfort Sleep Mr. Dennis Charran and Mrs. Sabita Charran pose with the Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark

“Back then business was slow, and Management was changed about three times, not to mention the machinery was practically done for (became inoperable). So eventually, I acquired a land and started to build until I achieved what we have here today. Comfort Sleep is now one of the largest manufacturers in the country with more than 80% of the market”, Mr. Charran proudly stated.

In 2013, with business booming and customers rolling in like clockwork, Comfort Sleep was ravaged by fire twice in one month. The fire took the warehouse first, then the factory with it. However, with determination, drive and much needed assistance the business was back on the market within six months, much stronger and far more equipped than before.

CEO of Comfort Sleep signs terms of conditions for Made in Guyana Certification

According to Mr. Charran, since then, Comfort Sleep products are widely distributed in the local market and the company is looking to supply its desirable range of mattresses to more countries in CARICOM.

Taking time to describe his mattresses, Comfort Sleep CEO stated, “we give you the best night’s sleep. We say, if you are not getting good sleep, that means you are not sleeping on a Comfort Sleep Mattress.”

In December 2022, Comfort Sleep received a Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standard Mark on its mattresses, foam sheets and pillows; the Comfort Dreamer – Back Support, Comfort Custom – Luxury, Comfort Night – Magic, Comfort Pedic – Memory Foam, Comfort Classic – Deluxe, Super Comfort – Quilted, Foam Mattress and Foam Sheets.

Asked what this certification means to the company, Mr. Charran with a broad grin, relayed, “being Made in Guyana Certified means quite a lot to Comfort Sleep because it came from the GNBS. That in itself speaks to Standard and Quality. Once you have that certified and approved stamp on your product, it says you have been through the necessary processes and are manufacturing products of Quality and Standard. I want to note, that we are definitely conforming to standards, otherwise the GNBS wouldn’t have certified us.”

Some of Comfort Sleep’s Products

Mr. Charran informed, the process of working with the GNBS Officers was smooth and transparent from the get-go and is urging all local companies to get on board with the GNBS to achieve the Made in Guyana Permit, “it is part of business operations and proves you are operating in conformance to standards and your products are of quality. It gives recognition and when questions arise, you have the permit and the mark for credibility”, he said.

With Comfort Sleep products already reaching a few countries in the region, Mr. Charran is confident that the recently acquired Made in Guyana Permit will help to accelerate deliveries to a wider number of tourism destinations because of the recognition the mark provides.

Mr. Charran relayed, “it speaks of authenticity and reassures customers that our products are locally made. Knowing that most CARICOM countries are now recovering from the pandemic and since most Caribbean countries are mostly dependent on tourism, it is important to enter this market with our products and establish relationships.”

One of Comfort Sleep’s Mattresses and Pillows carrying the Made in Guyana Standards Mark

When purchasing a mattress, it is crucial to question if it is comfortable to use or one that is of quality and standard. Before a mattress goes on sale it undergoes rigorous testing and every three months, trained professionals perform Density Tests on Comfort Sleep’s mattresses.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to running the country’s leading mattress company, Mr. Charran spearheads a very strong Charity Programme for underprivileged children which is supported by proceeds from Comfort Sleep. The programme caters for over 600 children across the country, with about 95 of them being special needs.

To access the Permit to use the Made in Guyana Standards Mark programme, contact the GNBS on telephone numbers: 219-0069, 219-0065, 2190062 or visit the GNBS website: to learn more.