Commander ‘A’ Division and team visit several areas around Georgetown

On Tuesday 26th February, 2019, between 09:30hrs -11:40hrs, Commander ‘A’ Division Assistant Commissioner Mr. Marlon Chapman, 2i/c ‘A’ Division Senior Superintendent Mr. Das, 3i/c ‘A’ Division Superintendent Mr. Stanton and team visited  several areas such as :

T&HD Georgetown Stelling, Stabroek Market/Square, Stabroek City Police Outpost, America Street, Croal street, 44 Bus Park, 45 Bus Park, 47 Bus Park and Stabroek Police Mobile Outpost where he met with the ranks and informed then to remain alert and to carry out all duties efficiently. A courtesy visit was also made to Fire Chief Mr. Marlon Gentle.

Issues and concerns raised by Business owners, vendors and members of the public which were addressed by Commander ‘A’ Division and team are:

– Robberies committed on vendors and customers around Stabroek area

– Loitering of School children on the various bus parks

– Threatening of vendors by armed robbers when they report matters to the police.

– Bus blocking the entrance to the bazaar of Stabroek Market

– Private Hire vehicles parking on the bus parks

– Requesting presence of more plain clothes ranks between the hours of 15:00hrs-20:00hrs on the bus parks and Stabroek Market area

– A better partnership between the Guyana Police Force and the City Police in dealing with crimes

– A Better vendors/stakeholders and police partnership

They commended Commander and his team for the visit and is looking forward for his continuous support.

Jairam Ramlakhan
Superintendent of Police
Public Relations and Press Officer                                                                                                                                                                 
Guyana Police Force