Community-based tourism partnership model to be created

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, July 03, 2018

During a recent visit to Moraikobai in Region Five, Minister of Business, with the responsibility for Tourism, Dominic Gaskin disclosed to residents that his ministry is in the process of developing a community tourism partnership model.

This will see the government, private sector and members of various communities working together to push eco-tourism. “There is a market that appreciates what we have, and we have to develop our tourism product to match the requirements of that market. However, it calls for expertise. We cannot do it alone and hope to be successful. We have to work with people who understand the international tourism industry.”

Minister Gaskin said while the government would like to finance the construction of eco-lodges in all the indigenous communities across the country, it cannot do it alone. “The need for private sector partnership and investment are key to the development of eco-tourism.”

Moraikobai Village Councilor, Bernita France, in response, said that the council and members of the Moraikobai village are ready to partner with the government and private sector to hasten the development of eco-tourism in their region.

She noted the development of an eco-lodge in their community will enhance their livelihoods and will create an outlet for them to sell their local crafts and food products.

“One way we get our craft sell is when we have visitors; that is sometimes the only way we get to sell it…so I look forward to seeing this partnership develop, so we can develop our village further and get market for our crafts,” France said.

The development of eco-lodges is part of the government’s plan to promote economic growth and community development, through the creation of nature-based and community-based eco-tourism businesses in indigenous communities.

By: Crystal Stoll.

Images: Leon Leung.