Comprehensive health plan to be implemented to tackle chronic diseases in 2024

A comprehensive health plan to tackle various chronic diseases in the country is slated to roll out in 2024, Technical Officer for Diabetes, Dr Nandishaw Ramsingh has reemphasised.

Dr Ramsingh was at the time speaking on the Ministry of Health’s ‘Health Matters’ programme which was broadcast Friday last.

Technical Officer for Diabetes at the Ministry of Health, Dr Nandishaw Ramsingh

According to the technical officer, the ministry remains committed to bridging the gap in the delivery of advanced healthcare services even in remote areas.

The medical practitioner outlined extensive plans for 2024, emphasising the commitment of the Ministry of Health, particularly the Chronic Disease Unit, to conducting numerous outreaches.

Dr Ramsingh explained that the goal is to engage with a broader audience and promote a healthier population.

Along with these outreaches, more screening activities are to be done for diseases such as diabetes as well as high and low blood pressure.

Accordingly, he said new training programmes are also expected to be rolled out. Incorporating these advanced courses will ensure healthcare workers are on par with the new evidence-based medicine that the ministry has to offer.

“We would also like the public to keep in tune with the ministry’s page so that they will know when we will be rolling out these programmes and strategies. Because come January and February we just want to see fewer persons being ill,” the technical officer stated.

General Medical Officer at the Ministry’s Diabetic Centre, Dr Davina Ramsingh

Meanwhile, General Medical Officer at the ministry’s Diabetic Centre, Dr Davina Ramsingh, noted that like before, the health ministry will be targeting persons 25 years and older with these new strategies that are slated to be implemented.

She explained that these persons are being targeted because they are more at risk.  

According to her, in most cases, persons who go to the clinic are older than 25 and already have diabetes.

Targeting persons at an earlier age will help the ministry to capture the disease at the right time or prevent it, which will also aid in the ministry’s goal of eliminating certain diseases by 2030.