Construction of Mon Repos, Leonora markets progressing swiftly – Min. Dharamlall

Construction works on the new state-of-the-art Mon Repos and Leonora markets are moving apace, as the government continues to advance its modernisation agenda.

Vendors and consumers will soon benefit from a safe, efficient and enabling environment for the conduct of business.

Construction of Mon Repos market is moving apace

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, made the disclosure Tuesday, during an exclusive interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The Mon Repos market is currently in its third phase of construction. The wooden structure has been removed, and an 18,000-square-foot pre-fabricated multi-level building has now been erected.

Stalls are currently being constructed on the eastern wing and that process will be completed shortly. The stands will be compartmentalised to ensure there is an organised and efficient effect.

“We have already constructed the fish bay area. We are now at the meat section, and thereafter we will go over to the vegetable and other types of goods within the market,” the minister explained.

The western wing is being constructed, and a portion of it will have a mezzanine floor, which is expected to facilitate the construction of a cafeteria.

A mezzanine is an additional level or intermediate floor that is situated between the main floor and the ceiling of a building.

 “We will have an office space for the market and other types of services. It will be built out of steel, so hopefully, the construction would not take as long as if we were to build a fully concrete structure,” Minister Dharamlall noted.

Despite the setbacks faced in the construction process, the government remains committed to the task of rehabilitating the market to serve as a business hub, bringing vendors from the streets into a conducive and well organised structure.

Once completed, the market space will accommodate some 490 stall holders, eliminating roadside vending and easing the flow of traffic in the area.

In November 2022, a contract of over $619 million was inked for the phase three construction of the Mon Repos market.

“So, hopefully, in the next five or six months, we are going to have a totally redone Mon Repos market. Thereafter, we expect that all the vendors who have been plying their trade on the road will be accommodated,” he added.

Similarly, persons who are selling along the road shoulders will also be comfortably accommodated, when the Leonora market tarmac, West Coast Demerara is completed.

Minister Dharamlall said the preparatory work has been completed for the project.

“We are going to be pouring concrete next Tuesday, and as soon as this is done, we will be able to do the layout and have vendors allocated spaces on the tarmac. I think, in a matter of weeks, this first phase of the Leonora market will be complete,” the local government minister disclosed.

Upgrades to the Leonora market are crucial to the enhancement of commerce in the area. The vending location serves as a bustling hub for entrepreneurs for decades.

But, as new entrepreneurs expand their business, some vendors have begun to extend their operations onto the roadways, causing traffic buildup.

The swift action to remedy the situation at the location is a commitment by President, Dr Moahmed Irfaan Ali during an outreach in the area. While there, President Ali assured residents that the Leonora market will be upgraded to a functional shopping tarmac. Minister Dharamlall added,  “The markets are going to be designed in a way that will allow for safety, better flow of traffic, and improved sanitation. We want to upgrade to international standards, and that is the vision for us.”