Construction, rehabilitation works slated for several markets this year – Min Persaud

As the government advances its agenda of modernising the country’s infrastructure, major construction, and rehabilitation works are set to take place at several markets nationwide.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, shed light on these initiatives during a recent interview where he discussed the provisions of budget 2024, with a particular focus on how it will positively impact vendors.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, and a Member of Parliament being interviewed on budget 2024

“This year, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has outlined a significant plan for the construction and rehabilitation of several markets. A budget of $1.3 billion is allocated for the completion and rehabilitation of markets,” the minister stated.

Some of those shopping complexes include the Mon Repos Market in Region Four, Hydronie and Leonora Markets in Region Three, Charity and Suddie Markets in Region Two, and the Kumaka Market in Region One.

In 2023, sections of the Charity, Parika, and Corriverton Markets were destroyed by fire on separate occasions. As a result, the government has started rehabilitation at the Charity and Parika Markets.

Works will soon commence on the Corriverton Market, which will also benefit from the allocated $1.3 billion.

Vendors to be placed in upgraded stalls at the Suddie market when major rehabilitation works are completed this year

“Furthermore, the Suddie and Kumaka markets are slated for complete rehabilitation works this year. The works include the extension of wall height to allow for proper airflow into the facility and roofs. Also, the rehabilitation of stalls and the sanitary facilities will be taken care of,” the minister explained.

Minister Persaud underscored the government’s commitment to meeting the needs of vendors, ensuring they can conduct their trade in a more advanced and conducive environment.

Beyond the direct benefits to vendors, he expressed confidence that the improved infrastructure would act as a catalyst for the country’s overall economic growth.