Consumer Affairs Commission urges shoppers to learn their rights

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) launched their website in early 2018 which allows customers to find information on laws surrounding consumer rights, to make reports and to learn of other services it offers.

Communication Officer, CCAC, Alison Parker.

The CCAC is also looking to create a Better Business Bureau; because when consumers make reports on matters such as faulty equipment hazardous products not correctly labelled, expired goods and non-refundable purchases, the commission can only serve a warning, often leading to repeat offenders for bad business practices.

On the note of consumers ensuring they know what is right, Communications Officer of the CCAC, Alison Parker explained even though customers have rights, they have a responsibility to ensure they are following the right procedures to get the results they need.

She said items are returned under two conditions: either the buyer finds the product defective or they just decide it is not what they desire and decide to have something else (buyer’s remorse). In cases of ‘buyer’s remorse,’ the consumer is required to return the item in seven days as opposed to a manufacturer’s defect which has a six-month warranty.

Consumers are required to return items in original packaging and with no signs that suggest the equipment was tampered with, should they need an exchange for the item or a refund. Furthermore, all items that require a refund will incur a 10 per cent restocking fee.

Kipenie Jordan.

Image: Department of Public Information.