‘COPSQUAD’ graduates commend gender-based violence training

Some 500 officers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) are now equipped with the necessary knowledge to handle gender-based violence effectively across the country. 

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud handing over a certificate to one of the graduates

The officers received certificates and badges which allow persons to easily recognise them.

The COPSQUAD2000 initiative seeks to raise the officers’ familiarity with laws relating to gender-based violence and provide them with specialised training they need to respond to cases involving gender-based violence in a way that would protect the victims.

The graduation ceremony was hosted at the National Cultural Centre on Friday.

Several graduates expressed how informative and useful the training was.

Chief Inspector, Christopher Humphrey

Chief Inspector, Christopher Humphrey related that everyone was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive their certificates and badges.

“The training has equipped us with the knowledge that we can professionally deal with them … listen to their stories, and take action so that they can get justice. We are taking zero-tolerance steps to deal with domestic violence and gender-based violence cases at our stations,”the inspector noted.

Woman Police Constable, Alicea Omrow

Woman Police Constable, Alicea Omrow said, “With the training, I have received, I am able to deal with the public more and properly. Every day we see domestic violence is on the rise.”

Detective, Allysia Penherio

Detective, Allysia Penherio expressed, “It will make the persons more comfortable to report to a person who is trained in this area,” she added.

Woman Constable, Niasha Summersal

Woman Constable, Niasha Summersal highlighted, “The training will help us to deal with the public in terms of bringing the domestic violence cases down.”

She added that it will assist them tremendously since persons can reach out to the 914 hotline as well.

Lance Corporal, Amar Hanoman

Lance Corporal, Amar Hanoman noted that the training was a plus for him, since he learnt there are various forms of gender-based violence.

Corporal Alicia Glasgow

Corporal Alicia Glasgow expressed similar sentiments as her colleagues, noting that, “This gender-based violence training was very important for us. We have learnt a lot. It’s going to give us a better understanding of how to deal with cases.”

The COPSQUAD training is a collaborative effort among the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Guyana Police Force, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The COPSQUAD initiative was launched in 2021 to train police personnel in standards-setting, the issuance of rules and guidelines, and the strengthening of preventative measures against gender-based violence in Guyana.