Creating ‘green spaces’

–Ministry of Communities expends  millions of dollars to spaces provide a safe environment for a wide crosses section of society

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, September 18, 2019 

The Ministry of Communities has embarked a mission to create several ‘green spaces’ across Guyana. To this end, the ministry has expended millions of dollars to ensure these spaces will provide a safe environment for a wide crosses section of society.

Two community grounds on the island of Wakenaam, Region 3, are currently in the process of being converted from a landfill with overgrown vegetation to an area that will benefit hundreds. The two grounds are in San Souci and Zeelandia and the project will be executed by Forever Construction at a cost of $7M.

Civil Engineer at the Ministry of Communities, Murwin Allison shared details of the works to be carried out at the Zeelandia ground, making it usable. “We will be doing infilling which entails filling the ground with clay to a height of six inches mixed with white sand to a height of three inches. We will also be rehabilitating the pavilion. Works entailed would involve painting, replacing of missing zinc sheets, servicing of the entire roof, changing some of the pavilion threaders,” Allison stated. According to the engineer, within two weeks residents will be able to utilise the ground.

As it relates to the ground at San Souci, Engineer of Forever Construction Deo Ganpat said that works have already begun. “We have already dug the drain and we have to build a fence right away round. We have to place some earth on the ground and some sand. We have to roll and compact six inches of earth with three inches of sand on this area here at San Souci playground,” he explained.

A concrete tarmac will also be added to the ground to facilitate other sporting activities. One month is the estimated time for completion.

The ministry has also embarked on creating green spaces around the city. Several grounds are currently undergoing massive facelifts that include levelling of fields, construction of fences, bridges and installation of floodlights. Work has already commenced on grounds at Agricola, West Ruimveldt and East Ruimveldt at a cost of $7.7M, $5M and $3.5M respectively. This is a joint effort between the Ministry of Communities and the Mayor and City Council.