Creativity of students overflows at National STEAM Fair

A number of creative talents were showcased by students during the final day of the National Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) Fair 2023 on Wednesday, at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), Turkeyen.

The three-day fair which started April 3 has since been a medium through which additional knowledge was shared between students and teachers.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) had the opportunity of interacting with several participants who travelled from schools across Guyana.

Little Eshan Deen from No. 67 Nursery School, Region Six said he learned how plants can be used as food. “I saw trees, houses, plants and plants give us food and medicine.”

Eshan Deen exploring a project presented by another school                                  

“The windmill gave electricity to the house; the windmill spins,” Micah Pearson from Turkeyen Nursery added.

Micah Pearson posing for a picture

Davanie Raghoobar from Aurora Primary commended her fellow pupils on the effort and skills they put into their projects. “Everyone here is very artistic and creative with their crafts.”

While the secondary school category had many amazing projects, the two that intrigued the crowd were ‘how cement can be sustainably made,’ and ‘how an oil spill can be cleaned.’

“One specific project interests me much and it is called Two-point-O and it is where they took the bleach bottles and they melted it down and they mixed it with… sand and it creates a more sustainable form of the concrete,” explained Aurelia Parag from Queen’s College.

Aurelia Parag of Queen’s College

According to Joshua Melville from Uitvlugt Secondary, the many informative projects exhibited at the fair show how well the students are keeping abreast with the evolution of the country.

“The other schools, it shows that they are very observative of what is going on in the community,” the teenager noted.

New knowledge was not only shared with students but also teachers who planned to apply it to their classrooms for the benefit of their students.

“It has been very good, very interesting, its good to see all the innovation and that the projects are in line with the theme…that’s what COVID would’ve thought us…that it’s no longer chalk and talk, it’s no longer being physically in the classroom room but remote,” explained Germonica Clarke-Moore, teacher of the Linden Foundation Secondary.

Germonia Clarke-Moore posing with her students from Linden Foundation Secondary

Further, business teacher, Akeem McCammon of the Uitvlugt Secondary said, over the past three days there were a lot of interesting exhibitions…I have a few things that I would take back to my classroom.” The STEAM fair returned after a 5-year hiatus by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali- led Government through the Ministry of Education under the theme,“Transforming Education through Innovation and STEAM.”