CT scans to be administered upon recommendation of doctors

Dr Anthony

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony says the same process applies for the administering of a computerised tomography (CT) as that of an X-ray, for patients requiring this service at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

This follows the recent announcement that effective November 1, 2022, CT scans are free for patients at the public institution.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony

Dr Anthony explained that if a patient needs a CT scan, the doctor will make the necessary recommendation for one to be conducted, “Once they are recommended, they will go to the imaging section of the hospital and if it’s an urgent case, they’ll probably make a booking, they’ll tell them when to come back. If it’s an urgent case, obviously they’ll get it.”

The government continues to take the required steps to guarantee that Guyana receives top-notch medical care.

The groundwork has been laid for the development of several new healthcare facilities in addition to the allocation of more than $1 billion for rehabilitation works at hospitals across the country.

“Over the next two years or so, as we start the construction of the new hospitals, in each of the new facilities that we’re doing, there would be CT scans available. So, in the public sector, over the next three years or so, we would be adding another seven to eight CT scans at a minimum. So, access would become quite easy, and it would be one of the modalities that doctors would use to improve the diagnosis of patients,” Dr Anthony noted.

With the aid of computer processing, cross-sectional images (slices) of the bones, arteries, and soft tissues within your body are produced by a CT scan, which combines several X-ray images collected from various angles around your body. Images from a CT scan offer more information than an X-ray would.