Daycare services to scale down – Dir. CPA Ann Greene

─Services to be provided to first responders, public officers

─Daycares to ensure health advisories implemented

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

The Childcare and Protection Agency, Ministry of Social Protection is calling on daycare service providers to scale back their operations in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Speaking to DPI via telephone Director of Childcare and Protection Agency, Ann Greene noted that many daycare operators have already scaled down their services, with just a few remaining open to provide their service to key workers within the public and private sectors.

Ann Greene

Director of Childcare and Protection Agency, Ann Greene

“The few open Daycares were asked to meet with their clients and enforce precautionary measures to protect those children whose parents still have to work. These are the nurses, members of the joint service and the list goes on to workers who are in the private sector,” Greene said.

She noted that “the Childcare and Protection Agency still has to work; we cannot close our doors therefore the Ministry of Public Health safety measures are mandatory.”

Meanwhile, Executive Officer of the Early Childhood Development programme, Lavern Thorne noted that many of the country’s first responders such as doctors, nurses, policemen and women and security guards require the services of daycare facilities to care for their children since they are still required to be at work.

“…our first responders have to forsake their loved ones and join the fight against COVID-19 to protect us. As such some daycares are still open and are doing their part to help in this situation.”

Thorne reminded operators of daycare facilities to implement the Ministry of Public Health’s health guidelines and practice social guidelines.

“The Childcare and Protection Agency calls on all service providers to implement stringent measures to protect the children in their care and follow the protocols outlined in the Childcare and Development Services Regulations as it relates to a child falling ill while in your care; the caregiver-child ratio and the space to be used for each child.”