Department of Sports’ response to an inaccurate article crafted and aired by the News Room

The Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport (MOTP-DSCCYS) wishes to respond to a television news story produced by the News Room and aired on January 10, 2019.

The story centers on the President of the Guyana Boxing Association, Mr. Steve Ninvalle calling for the implementation of the National Sports Policy.

Having noticed that the news story lacked basic journalistic etiquette in maintaining balance, the Department of Sport found it imperative to make the following points explicitly clear –

  1. The National Sports Policy is being implemented. Even though the final document has not been formally adopted by the Parliament of Guyana, it has been released, post research and consultation, for public consumption and implementation. As it is, multiple sectors, agencies, stakeholder organizations and sports associations and federations have started doing their part in effecting the necessary changes within their respective fraternities.
  2. As a former senior staff of the MOTP-DSCCYS, Mr. Ninvalle was not only aware, but was also part of the process that led to the materialization of the National Sports Policy (Draft). It is therefore quite a shame that he would resort to cheap tactics in misleading the public on matters pertaining to said policy. Mr. Ninvalle’s comments and his continuous “calls for implementation of the sports policy” can only be seen as malicious and misleading, perhaps even politically provoked.
  3. It was also quite clear that the architect of news piece had poor knowledge and understanding of the -page policy and its content.
  4. The Sport Department is quite disappointed in the failure of the reporter to make contact with the Sports Department to seek clarity and further schooling on the comprehensive document.

Having noticed the commendable reach of the inaccurate piece, the MOTP-DSCCYS is demanding an updated and BALANCED story from the News Room, bearing all the facts pertaining to National Sports Policy (DRAFT).