D&I, other agri. interventions earmarked for Enterprise, Bare Root

Farmers and residents of Enterprise, Bare Root and surrounding areas, East Coast Demerara were reassured of government’s commitment to improve agricultural production.

After listening to the concerns raised by the residents in the farmers’ meetings on Saturday, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, pledged several commitments aimed at fostering community growth and improving their livelihoods.  

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha

These interventions include access to improved drainage and irrigation, access to pasture for cattle rearing, planting materials, irrigation pump, employment opportunities, and ploughing of farmlands, among others.  

In Enterprise, the ministry is aggressively developing accessible land for the development of pastures for the grazing of cattle as well as lands for crop production. 

Minister Mustapha further disclosed, “I will ask the GLDA to come in here and see where we can get a piece of land to do a pasture for you. So, we can help you to plant the grass. We brought in the grass already and we have the grass seeds already. We will help you to get inputs for your animals. We can help you with breeding bulls to get better breeds of animals.”

Next week, GuySuCo, the Ministry of Housing and Water, and the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission (GL&SC) will conduct an evaluation in Enterprise to identify available land for farming and other uses.

Residents raising various concerns

In another two weeks, farmers of Enterprise will receive free fertilisers and molasses.

Meanwhile, in Bare Root, all the drainage works will be executed and lands will also be developed for agricultural growth.

Additionally, an integrated approach for agriculture will be taken to enhance cash crop, aquaculture, poultry and livestock development.

Shortly, a team from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) will conduct an assessment of the drainage network there. 

When we are finished with the drainage, as long as you identify your plots, we will help you to do the ploughing…So that we can prepare the lands for you… We will give you the planting materials, free of cost. We will give a pump to this community so that you can pump out the water,” Minister Mustapha pledged.

Residents raising various concerns

Through the NDIA, the farmers’ group will be provided with the contract to maintain the drainage canals while earning a steady income.

The agriculture minister noted, “we will continue to consolidate and expand those. We will ensure that we make it more or increase production in those crops. But at the same time, we are going into new crops in which you can take advantage of.”

Also, youths were encouraged to form a group to be provided with a shade house to cultivate high-value crops through the Agriculture and Innovation Entrepreneurship Programme (AIEP). 

Farmers will be assisted with markets for their produce and products.

The agriculture minister alluded to the massive developments in the sector aimed at food security, improving livelihoods and economic growth.