Diabetic Association, MoPH partner to distribute insulin, test strips for diabetics

−GDA President highlights diabetic’s risk of COVID-19

DPI, Guyana, Friday, April 24, 2020

The Guyana Diabetic Association (GDA) and the Ministry of Public Health are partnering to distribute test strips and insulin to help diabetic patients in light of the growing incidence of the novel coronavirus cases locally.

During an appearance on the Ministry’s live update, President of GDA, Glynis Beaton advised diabetics how they can safeguard themselves from the virus.

Diabetics she explained have a weakened immune system which makes them prone to contracting many other diseases including COVID-19.


President of the Guyana Diabetic Association, Glynis Beaton

A diabetic herself, Beaton noted that it is important that persons like herself adhere to precautions, and comply with measures while following their regimen to keep their diabetes under control.

“As a diabetic, I am deeply concerned after learning that the coronavirus disease affects persons like myself and that we are at risk of developing the most complicated form of this disease and even death,” she noted.

Those living with diabetes who also have other complications such as kidney and nerve damage or cardiac issues are also at risk.

“Infections in diabetic patients can either cause the blood sugar to increase and remain that way even with the use of your medication, or it can cause the blood sugar to be reduced causing you to fall into a diabetic coma that can result in death,” the GDA president explained.

Beaton shared some guidelines that diabetic patients should follow.

Diabetics must take all prescribed medication; follow a specially recommended meal plan; observe the cough and sneeze etiquette; wash hands; stay at home and avoid visitors outside of their home.

If they must venture outside, wearing a face mask is compulsory, and if they feel ill urgent medical consultation must be sought.