Digicel donates $60M to health ministry to support Autistic children

International Atomic Energy Agency donates equipment
Rotary Club, Mohan Thani Foundation donate wheelchairs

The Ministry of Health and telecommunications company, Digicel today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for support in the ministry’s Disability and Rehabilitation Department.

The company committed some $60 million, which will see, for the next three years investment in training for professionals working with Autistic children, the designing of a classroom for children with Autism, among other interventions.

Handing over of wheel- Chairs from the Rotary Club of Georgetown and Mohan Thani Foundation to the Ministry of Health

The ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Malcolm Watkins thanked Digicel for the support and called for the strengthening of the relationship.  

Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregory, Director of Disability and Rehabilitation Services, Dr Arian Mangar and other representatives were in attendance.

The ministry also received 50 wheelchairs through the Mohan Thani Foundation and the Rotary Club of Georgetown to assist persons in far flung communities, since there are not enough wheelchairs in the remote regions.

Health ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Malcolm Watkins and Digicel’s CEO sign the Memorandum of Understanding

President of the Rotary Club, Sheldon Hazelwood said after this need was highlighted the two organisations decided to collaboratively extend assistance to the ministry.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony while expressing gratitude to the two organisations noted that, “Over the last years, we have been making it a dedicative effort to acquire wheelchairs so we can satisfy this need. There is still an unmet need and I think these 50 chairs would come in handy, especially in the interior community.”

Further, Minister Anthony also received a donation of Radiological equipment from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Some of the equipment handed over to the Ministry of Health by the International Atomic Energy Agency

Radioisotope Identifier Devices, Electronic Personal Dosimeter, Multi-Purpose Survey Meter and Personal Radiation Detectors were among the equipment received. These items will be utilised by the Radiology Imaging Department of the ministry’s Standards and Technical Services.

The simple ceremony was held on the boardroom of the National Blood Transfusion Services.