Digital notification software launched to provide real-time traffic alerts

Commuters and stakeholders can now receive real-time traffic advisories with the launch of RESOLV, a digital notification software.

The new software is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Public Works and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and is indicative of the government’s efforts to modernise Guyana.

The Ministry of Public Works in collaboration with the IDB launched RESOLV

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill stated that the software will be utilised to provide traffic alerts regarding ongoing works along the East Bank corridor.

“This app and this project are to help us to be able to manage the inconvenience that could be experienced during road development and manage it in such a way that you would not have to lose lots of time, and would be able to plan your lives better.”

The tool will prove highly effective in keeping the public updated and informed, the minister conveyed.

The software launch forms part of the government’s efforts to modernise Guyana.

“This fits into the overall vision of President Ali and the PPP/C Administration, putting people at the centre of our development. So, while we are building, transforming, and modernising, we want to ensure that your lives are minimally interrupted and that the beneficiaries, the people of Guyana, are kept informed.

“They can be able to manage and resolve whatever conflicts may arise as a result of the interruptions as a result of construction, and we would be able to get our projects implemented in a timely manner,” the minister relayed.

The software will be used to provide traffic alerts concerning ongoing works on the East Bank highway

IDB Resident Representative (ag) Lorena Salazar, said the tool will help to facilitate proper implementation of the Guyana Road Safety Action Plan, and emphasised the importance of having real-time data to avoid traffic congestion.

“During construction, the traffic faces some challenges. It is why including technology in the communication tool to avoid traffic congestion is important. Tools like RESOLV are important because they can help to streamline existing communication processes for greater levels of efficiency,” she said. The software was developed by a local tech firm, V7 Inc, and can be activated via Whatsapp-compatible QR codes or messaging “subscribe me” directly to the RESOLV Whatsapp number: (+1 (786)-244-6125).