Digital X-ray Machine at Lethem Hospital to eliminate significant expenses

— machine currently being installed

— service is also available for free at GPHC

DPI, Guyana, Friday, April 19, 2019

Region 9 now boasts a digital X-ray Machine which will save time and millions of dollars compared to that of the traditional X-ray practice.

Regional Health Officer (ag) of Region 9, Dr. Naail Uthman.

Procured at approximately $8M by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of the Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo Region (Region 9), the residents of the region are expected to benefit from the equipment as well as persons who may travel from neighbouring Brazil.

The million-dollar equipment, which will be installed at the Lethem Regional Hospital, is a significant improvement to X-ray services in the region.

“With this unit, we are hoping to move away from some of the consumables like X-ray films and fluids pertaining to the imaging process,” explained Regional Health Officer (ag), Dr. Naail Uthman.

“This reduces the need to be spending millions of dollars per year because when we might need to buy X-ray films, it might not be available. The fluids associated may not be available; they can expire, so the digital X-ray eliminates the need for all of that.”

To promote this new and improved service, it will be highlighted at an upcoming regional health expo, to be held later in the year.

Further, a comparison was made between the digial machine and the traditional X-ray process. “It eliminates the need for X-ray film which you would have to do the washing and other processes. There is no longer the need for a dark room which facilitates that particular process. It’s a computerised system, you go into a room, take a flash, and all of that is reflected on a computer screen. That screen can be reflected in a Ward or at a nurses’ station. Wherever you require a patient’s X-ray, you now have a number assigned to it; you type in that particular number, and the X-ray image comes up.”

Having such a service available in the hinterland region is a testimony of the continuous development earmarked for the region by the Coalition Government, a view expressed by Dr. Uthman. Any person requiring this service in the region must be referred to the Lethem Regional Hospital and not worry about being referred to any other facility.

This digital service is also available for free to the public at Guyana’s national referral hospital and only tertiary institution; the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Delicia Haynes.

Images: Leon Leung.