‘Display patriotism like never before’ – Min. Anthony urges Guyanese

As Guyana embarks on a nationwide campaign to educate the public on the ongoing border controversy, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, has issued a stirring call for unity and patriotism.

During an awareness session at the ministry’s Brickdam secretariat, Minister Anthony urged Guyanese to embrace their national pride and stand united in the face of this important issue.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony and other health officials at the awareness session

Highlighting extensive facts, the minister stressed that educating Guyanese on the issue is one of the most powerful ways to overcome the current situation.

As such, he urged them to ignore the misinformation that is being presented by Venezuela and work collectively with the government to maintain Guyana’s integrity.  

“We are Guyanese, this is our country [and] our territory. Each one of us, we have to make sure that we defend this territory, and one way of doing that is to be very clear about the history.

“In Guyana, we don’t have a controversy, Venezuela might have a controversy. Our border on the western side has been settled since 1899 and we are not going back on that,” the health minister stated.

According to Dr. Anthony, when Venezuela will be having its referendum on December 3, Guyanese will be holding hands and standing in solidarity.

He added that on the evening of December 3, there will be a night of reflection where much of Guyana’s culture and tradition will be displayed.

Staff from the Ministry of Health raising the Golden Arrowhead during the awareness session

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Malcolm Watkins stressed the importance of healthcare workers during this time.

He said health professionals must stand resolute and patriotic, as they remain committed to keeping the nation’s safety, health, and well-being at the forefront at all times.

Against the backdrop of Venezuela’s intensified claim to Essequibo and that country’s planned referendum on December 3, agencies, organisations and institutions from both the government and private sector, have embarked on a national awareness campaign to counter the misinformation on the border controversy and educate on the issue.