Distribution of fisherfolk $150,000 grant begins in Region Three

VP Jagdeo spearheads exercise

Over $216 million was today distributed to more than 1,400 fisherfolk across Region Three as part of government’s $150,000 one- off cash grant initiative.

The exercise was spearheaded by Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo at the Uitvlugt Community Centre and the RPA regional office respectively.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo during Wednesday’s meeting with fisherfolk

Fisherfolk in the catchment areas Boerasirie, De Williem Koker, Greenwich Park, Hubu Koker,Mora koker, Parika Koker, Philadelphia, Ruby Koker, Uitvlugt, Zeelugt Koker, Aliki, Baboon Island, Berribissiballi, Bonasika, Caria Caria, Comaca, Oukalabu, Fort Island and Hogg Island, Goed Fortuin, Hague Koker, La Grange Koker, Patentia, Crane, Stanleytown Koker, Vreed-en- Hoop Koker, Vriesland koker, Wales Koker, Windsor Forrest Koker, Leonora Koker, Zeeburg Koker, Vergenoegen Koker and Dekindren Koker received their cheques at the two locations.

The Vice President explained to the fisherfolk that the government had to take some time to verify the names of persons to benefit, given past experience with some individuals being dishonest, which reflected the government in a bad light.

“This time around you would have noticed that it has been a while since we announced the grant to the fishermen, but we have been trying to get to the bottom of it to see that we don’t have a repetition of it. So, what has been happening, we’ve been trying to verify as much as possible. We put the document in the public at the NDC office so that you could object,” the VP related.

The Vice President said in response to the global economic situation that has impacted cost of living locally, the PPP/C Government continues to implement measures to cushion the effects by supplementing household income.

Reference was made to the part-time jobs initiative, which, to date has employed some 3,000 persons in Region Three.

Dr Jagdeo said the Administration has been providing support to the various sectors, noting the fertiliser support to farmers, the COVID-19 cash grant, the education grants, as well as the housing construction assistance programme, among other notable interventions.

In Region Three $100 million in fertiliser assistance was provided to farmers, while persons cultivating along the Essequibo Coast received $250 million, and in the Mahaica-Berbice and East Berbice – Corentyne regions, $300 million respectively.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo addressing Region Three fisherfolk

Further, Dr Jagdeo urged the fisherfolk to venture into other areas, given the changing nature of fishing industry. He called on them to take full advantage of the scholarship and training programmes being offered by the government, to upskill themselves.

He also suggested that they consider venturing into small business, for which there is adequate government support.

“So, each of you can’t rely only on fishing, especially the younger ones, you got to have another profession because if you want to get wealthy or live a comfortable life you can’t take changes… The Government will provide every opportunity for you to get another skill,” VP Jagdeo noted.

The Vice President also addressed a number of concerns raised by residents. He was accompanied by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha and other representatives from the ministry.

Fisherfolk in Region Six and Four have already benefitted from the grant over the past week.