Diwali ‘light up’ reflects Guyanese resilience after COVID Pandemic 

Diwali 2022 was nothing short of spectacular this year and Guyanese demonstrated that not even the COVID-19 pandemic could affect their diyas as they celebrated light over the darkness in their lives. 

An excited couple, Beena Ganesh and Harkumar Singh of La Bonne Intention (LBI) on the East Coast of Demerara said they were happy with the observances this year, despite the auspicious occasion was demurred by the COVID pandemic since it started in 2019.

Beena Ganesh and Harkumar Singh, LBI

“It is a wonderful feeling to be able to celebrate in a grand way again and all the credits goes to my wife who is responsible for making all of this happen – so that we can celebrate in this beautiful set-up; it’s definitely a wonderful thing to go back to life as it was before and having everything to be normal again, it feels really nice” Singh noted.

Meanwhile, some residents of Georgetown who were ecstatic about celebrating together this year, shared their feelings about the Hindu festival.

 It means a lot that we are now able to celebrate in a big way again because Diwali is our New Year festival, one of our most important festivals of our Hindu calendar. This year I’m able to see my nephew again after a long time, he came in to celebrate with us” said Aunty Baby.

Aunty Baby and Aunty Reeda, Georgetown

“First of all, Diwali is important, it is more special this year because I can do it in a grand way with my children and grandchildren” the overjoyed Aunty Reeda of Campbellville, Georgetown related.

Proprietors of Singh and Geeta Plant Shop on the Ogle Railway Embarkment shared in a meaningful way why they felt the need to celebrate in a big way this year.

“We are very happy that things are back to normal. We could have all not be here because of the pandemic. During the pandemic because we as a child with disabilities, we started planting and that turned into a business for my wife, she can now care for our daughter and run the nursery from home. When we plant, we share with our neighbours and we did that throughout the pandemic, so I’m happy that thing is back to normal and everyone should be happy and celebrate in a big way because life is too short”, Singh said.

Proprietors of Singh and Geeta Plant Shop, Ogle Railway

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali captured the nation’s sentiments in his Diwali address.

“The unity of our nation is essential to our objective of shared prosperity. Under the One Guyana banner, our people are coming together, rejecting the forces of division and hatred, and uniting in the pursuit of peace, progress, and prosperity.

“May the spirit of Diwali, celebrated with such fervor in our country, help to fuse our people closer together, respecting our ethnic diversity, setting aside division, and uniting all in pursuit of the common good,” President Ali stated.