Dr Daniel Kanhai to serve as youth representative on Constitutional Reform Commission

Dr Daniel Josh Kanhai has been selected as the youth representative on the Constitutional Reform Commission, after months of consultation among youth representative bodies.

Coordinator of the President’s Youth Advisory Council, Nalinie Singh described Dr Kanhai as a determined and dedicated individual and she believes he will perform well.

Representatives of youth groups at the final consultation at ACCC on Wednesday

“We had a fair bit of representation but a name that seems to be a consensus that we have been getting a lot throughout the country has been Dr Kanhai. So, representing the youths on the Constitutional Reform Committee will be Dr Daniel Josh Kanhai,” she stated.

The final consultation was held on Wednesday at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), Liliendaal, with the final stakeholders, a number of youth groups were invited: the Progressive Youth Organisation, Muslim Youth Organisation, Youth Movement Guyana, Guyana National Youth Council, EQUAL, Youth Action Network, and Children of Hope.

According to Singh, Dr Kanhai will carry the youth vote onto the committee.

“So, changes that will be made to the constitution which will affect us all, he will be voting on and we would expect him to consult with all youth groups. He has a lot of passion and purpose, so we would expect nothing less from him,” Singh explained.

The consultation started in late 2023 and included the Guyana Youth Development Association, National Youth Parliament of Guyana, Progressive Youth Organisation, Leopold Inc, Youth With A Purpose, Youths in Action Group, Dharmic Youth Arm, Children of Hope, and Young Peoples’ Movement were among those invited to be part of the consultations.

The government in August of 2022 moved to the National Assembly with the Constitution Reform Commission Bill 2022, for the establishment of a Constitution Reform Commission to review the country’s supreme laws.

The explanatory memorandum states that the act seeks the establishment of the Constitution Reform Commission which will consist of 20 members.

Members of the Commission shall be appointed by the president and will include five members of the PPP/C, four members of the APNU+AFC, one member each from the ANUG, the Guyana Bar Association, the Labour Movement, the National Toshao’s Council, the private sector, representatives of women organisations, youth organisations, Christian, Hindu and Muslim organisations, as well as nominee representing farmers.