Easter Message 2022 of His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Life’s joys are meant to be shared

The exuberant season of Easter is upon us. I join in extending blissful greetings to all Guyanese as we welcome the commencement of Easter.

For Christians, Easter radiates hope and happiness. Christians believe that Christ was crucified, died and was buried but that he rose from the dead. Christ’s resurrection goes to the very core of Christianity, and it is therefore central to the Christian faith. It is a time when they gather to reflect on the life and guiding principles of Jesus Christ.

This guidance is found in the Church.  I believe that the Church plays an integral part in any society. In the development of any society, the Church is a solid foundation on which important principles rest. Principles of justice, peace, tolerance, patience, obedience, faith, and hope, all rest on the foundation of the church, and it is the church that must demonstrate the strength of this foundation.

At this special time, when Christians rejoice in the Risen Christ, the message of Easter continues to bring hope and warmth to our hearts. The Easter message reminds us that though life has its ups and downs, hope is never extinguished, and life’s joys always return.

Worthy of note is that the Easter weekend activities celebrate our oneness. The joy of Easter is to be found in families coming together, in the company of friends and in the smiles and happy faces of Guyanese.   Easter brings us together and it brings out the best in all of us.

Easter is a jubilant period in our country.  It is a special time for families and friends — kite-flying, outdoor picnics, family get-togethers, the Bartica Regatta and the Rupununi Rodeo all form part of our traditional observances and a fun-filled Easter weekend.

Over the past two years, Easter activities were severely curtailed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this year’s Easter finds us in better shape. Normalcy and recovery are slowly returning.  The pews of our Churches will be filled this year; families will gather together, kites will once again take to the skies, and Guyanese will return to the open areas for their traditional Easter fun-filled activities.

Amidst all the happiness that Easter brings, let us remain careful and responsible in all that we do. Let us also be mindful of our Brothers and Sisters, especially those who may be experiencing difficult circumstances. Let us be the shoulder upon which they can rest their cares; the arms that embrace them in love; the hand that reaches out to support them; and the smile that reminds all that life’s joys and gifts are always meant to be shared!

So, as we celebrate today, in faith, in belief, and in hope, let us renew our spirits.

Let us renew ourselves and our commitment to each other, to the church, to our communities and to humanity. And my prayers are that together, we can accomplish the task of fulfilling our mandate in this earthly place, and leaving a legacy that those who come after us find inspirational.

 A Happy and Holy Easter to all!

Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali
President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana