Eccles-Diamond four-lane highway to be completed by September

President Ali inspects ongoing works, urge contractors to stick to timelines

As part of the government’s vigorous infrastructure development programme, efforts are being made to complete the Eccles to Great Diamond Four-Lane Highway on the East Bank of Demerara by September.

During an inspection of the massive project on Thursday, President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali noted that it was projected that the highway would be completed by the end of August.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during an inspection of the highway

While examining each lot of the mega project, President Ali issued a stern warning to the contractors and engineers for all the works to be completed within the specified timelines.

“From the meetings I have had with the internal engineers, they have justified the extension to the new dates that they have. So, liquidated damages will not be charged based on their justifications up to the new dates that we put. Anything beyond the new dates, liquidated damages will be applied. That is the final date,” he stated.

The road markings and signs for the first lot from Eccles to Peter’s Hall is slated to be completed by next week, while lot two is scheduled to be completed by September.

The head of state expressed optimism that the contractors and engineers will implement a three-shift system for the works to be completed, since most of the structural and technical works are complete.

Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway

“We are not tolerating any excuses for non-completion of works. Both the engineers and contractors will be held accountable. I am making this very clear. We have excellent weather conditions right now. We have to make use of weather opportunity days. Works that are behind, I expect to see lights out here.”

Meanwhile, President Ali pointed out that, “By the end of this year, we will have 10 lanes from Diamond to Sheriff Street. We will have 18 lanes of highway interconnectors between the two highways. So, you will have 18 lanes that will connect all of these communities.

“I am very proud of this highway all the way from Mandela going all the way to Diamond. 100 per cent locally designed, and supervised, and constructed…I believe they have been doing an outstanding job.”

The contract for the $13.3 billion project was awarded to 12 contractors in December 2021.

Ongoing works on the highway

More than 30 reinforced concrete bridges, 8.6 kilometres of reinforced concrete highway road, and two roundabouts are all part of the project, which has been divided into 12 lots.

The route will link the four-lane road from Mandela to Eccles and when completed, the roads are expected to reduce the amount of traffic on the bank. Additionally, it will provide room for the construction of new business and residential zones.

Some $54 billion has been set aside this year for important infrastructure projects in the housing sector, of which $7.3 billion will go towards extending the motorways from Eccles to Diamond and another $5.4 billion towards building the Schoonord to Crane Road.