EDO pooling skills for oil industry -16 deck hands trained

DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, September 13, 2017

El Dorado Offshore (EDO) has facilitated training for 16 deck hands to work on existing and future rigging operations.

“This is to ensure that we have a readily available trained pool because we are expecting more vessels into Guyana, and once they have more vessels, the demand for labour will increase. So we need to have a pool that is readily available and trained to board,” Country Manager of EDO, Kerri Gravesande told the Department of Public Information (DPI) today.

Guyanese taking part in the training. From left to right: Leron Allen, Travis Moore and Rodell Harmon.

The training is being conducted by Edison Chouest Offshore, an offshore support company. “The course objective is to educate and train marine rigging people. It will also enable persons to recognize hazards in the industry and to provide a safe working environment for all personnel, Eldon Thompson HSE Coordinator explained.

EDO is seeking to build the core competencies of Guyana’s existing workforce to benefit from opportunities in the oil and gas industry. The company is building the local content capacity to effectively work in the industry.

This is the second batch to be prepared for the industry. Edison Chouest initially trained 20 persons who are working on their supply vessel as well as ExxonMobil’s drill rig, the Stenna Carron.

Gravesande explained that this current batch will eventually be narrowed down. At the end of the exercise, the trainees will be tested on what they have learnt. They will also have to pass medical and drug examinations before they are hired by EDO. Once employed they will be posted on vessels offshore Guyana.

EDO Country Manager Kerri Gravesande.

Some of the potential employees told DPI they were pleased to be afforded the opportunity to work in the industry. “It’s quite exciting not for me alone but most of my peers… to know that something like this has come to our country, gives us an opportunity not only to come and work, but also to gain an experience to learn”, Rodell Harmon said.

Leron Allen added the training so far has been educational. “It’s quite informational. It added a few more things that I didn’t know. It adds somewhat to what I already know and its very educational, and it’s a lot about safety to keep you safe on the job so it would be benefiting me a lot”, he said.

Travis Moore who previously worked as a seaman on a supply vessel plying the Port Kaituma route had encouraging words for those who are interested in working in the industry. “You can just come and they will train you and help you be equipped to work with them”, he said.

EDO’s Country Manager pointed out that there has been an “overwhelming” response to their recruitment drive since the company was launched locally one year ago. Their office is located at Lot 23 Brickdam, Georgetown.


By: Tiffny Rhodius

Trainer, Eldon Thompson using the trainees to demonstrate safety guidelines to follow while on the job.

The 16 deck hands during a training session in EDO’s conference room.