Education Month 2017 Launched – Education Ministry to focus on disparity in Education and Transportation services

(Georgetown, September 4, 2017) -The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Education launched Education Month 2017 at the Umana Yana with the announcement of a month of activities to be observed under the theme: ‘Promoting wellness in communities through quality education.’

On Monday, while presenting her first speech as the newly appointed Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry expressed appreciation to her predecessor, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine for his distinguished service to the development of the education sector.

Henry said she is grateful to have had Dr. Roopnaraine’s counsel and guidance over the last two years and takes up her new post with optimism, as Dr. Roopnaraine is a tough act to follow. “He has passed on a Ministry that is primed to continue the mandate of every child matters,” Henry said.

Humbled to continue what has already started, Minister Henry said that both herself and the Ministry are well positioned to deliver.

Addressing students from all levels, educators and Education Officials at the launch of Education Month 2017 the minister noted that she has the capabilities and performance which can only be measured by tangible results.

This year’s month-long observances are scheduled for staging at venues in several regions including D’urban Park under the theme: “Promoting wellness in communities through quality education.”

Noting the revelations of highs and lows of the results from this year’s examinations at the primary and secondary levels Minister Henry said that it has also revealed that there is still much work to be done.

But all is not lost as the sector is poised for a massive turnaround through team efforts even as the Minister underscored the need for education stakeholders to realise the importance of ‘all hands on deck if the turnaround is to be successful.’

She said too that her Ministry’s priorities over the next month will be focused on reducing the disparity in education, improving quality of education by embracing the use of technology in the classroom and ensuring that every child has access to quality education. This includes Governments provision of transportation in outlying areas as well as in the nation’s capital through the Three Bs initiative.

Minister Henry said too that as part of the reforming of the Education Sector, a Department of Education System Innovation and Reform will be created within the Ministry.

Education month activities will culminate on October 5th but will see the hosting of a grand rally at Durban Park on September 15th to commemorate National Education Day as was designated by H.E David Granger.

Chief Education Officer Marcel Hudson in his remarks said the Ministry is working to ensure children from across the country, including the hinterland, enjoy the best possible education.

He further noted too that the Ministry is working towards creating a well-rounded curriculum that is not lopsided nor one sided.

“Quality education is one of the most basic public services which enables citizens to contribute to the social and economic development of their communities,” Hutson told those gathered even as he noted the major turnaround of the education sector that has occurred, is occurring and that will occur.

This turnaround, CEO Hutson admonished will require the support of the home, school, and community as integral stakeholders.

Chief Education Officer Mr. Marcel Hutson dubbed the day a very significant one in the MOE. Promoting wellness in communities through quality education. Wellness he said is a critical component in the scheme of things as it is a process. Education is at the heart of personal and general aims of all stakeholders. ” Quality education is a right…for the public good…we must ensure that all benefits.” Teacher training, STEM etc., are among the many noted actions being undertaken by the ministry to provide material for alignment with the national and community needs.

Hutson further noted that construction and rehabilitation of schools’ quarters are also efforts in train. “to ensure our children’s attendance, to ensure quality education. We have started to look at the promotion of sports and music to ensure there is no disparity between hinterland and coast land.” Additionally, Hutson said “quality education does not only enlighten but also encourages magnificent turnarounds.”

Closing off his missive the CEO admonished that “Together we can do the extra ordinary.” and he further questioned “Can we do it?” to which those gathered replied “Yes we can!”

The programme hosted by Ms. Jennifer Cumberbatch, Director of NCERD saw participation from Lodge Secondary School, Spoken-word artist Mark Luke-Edwards and the National Steel Orchestra. (Mondale Smith)