Electrical, photovoltaic installation training for Manawarin, Kwabena

Thirty persons from Manawarin and Kwebana, Region One will be participating in Electrical and Photovoltaic Installation training executed by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, during the recent launch, said the training is in preparation for the installation of solar panels in hinterland communities, and will benefit thousands of people.

Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton addressing residents of Manawarin, Region One

The 150-watt panels are slated to be installed in early 2023. The panels come at an investment of US$7.2 million.

“It is preparation for another programme the Government already committed money to, we already budgeted to bring into this country 30,000 panels to outfit every resident in Amerindian communities, so that they can have the same access other children have to hook up a computer, to charge their phones, to buy a fridge, to watch TV…” Minister Hamilton said.

He noted that the PPP/C Government is committed to training persons who will manage and repair the solar panels.

Fifteen persons from Manawarin will participate in Electrical Installation, while another 15 from Kwebana signed up for the Photovoltaic Installation training.

Minister Hamilton, addressing the participants said the training is to ensure that persons from hinterland communities have the skills not only to benefit from Government contracts, but also contribute to the development of their communities.

“You have to see yourself in two, three or five years, being able to do everything that must happen in your village and that is what that training is about. Where no more, when the Government is giving out a contract to build something, you have people that are not of your village in large numbers coming to do it. That is why the training is important,” the Labour Minister pointed out.

Residents of Manawarin, Region One

He added that the training also aims to advance the village economies, since residents would be earning income to be spent in their respective communities. Minister Hamilton made it clear that when the Government develops training programmes, the aim is to ensure the development of the people and their communities.