“Embrace technological change” – MoC staff urged

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Staffers at the Ministry of Communities have called on to embrace technological change.

Leading the charge was Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan and Chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s board of directors, Reverend Elsworth Williams.

Minister Bulkan noted: “The choice we have is to be a part of that technological world or run the risk of being left behind and I believe that irrespective of which part of the ministry we are, it is imperative that we make use of technology to ensure not only our efficiency but our relevance,” he underscored.

Drawing attention to the fact that some units within the Ministry of Communities are already incorporating technology in their work, the minister said this has resulted in overall greater output in tasks assigned.

Specifically, the Guyana Water Incorporated has introduced a new technology called Resistivity Logging which entails the search for underground water sources below the earth’s surface through deep rock formation, for the drilling of new wells. The technology was introduced when GWI conducted a resistivity log in Karasabai, Region Nine to aid in the identification of additional water sources to adequately supply residents there. It allows for more efficiency in GWI’s drilling experience as there can be an early determination of the required depth for a well in addition to the ideal drilling location.

In his remarks, Reverend Williams said accepting change will see the work of the ministry being covered efficiently

“… You and I can be left behind with all that’s happening or we can be a part of this change and much of that depends on what happens with us with this rapid change that is taking place in this world and Guyana is no exception.”