Energy conference has placed Guyana on world stage

The recently concluded International Energy Conference and Expo, has placed Guyana on a developmental trajectory, opening avenues for economic expansion and spotlighting the country on the world stage.

This was the view expressed by some members of the public, who visited the exposition on the final day of the four-day conference.

Booth at the International Energy Conference and Expo

The staple event which saw local, regional and international energy experts gathered in one spot, commenced on February 15 and concluded on February 18 at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown.

DPI spoke with some persons who shared their thoughts on the exposition.

“This is very, very important because it really gives Guyana a chance to showcase what we have in terms of commerce. It really puts us on the map and helps us to bring in more investors that can come in to invest in our country, invest in our people because really our human resources are what’s most important,” said Kezra Boyal. 

Kezra Boyal

Tian Chung said the conference has created a stage for foreign businesses to invest in Guyana’s renewable resources.

“We all have sunlight, so renewable resources and energy are very important. For example, solar and wind especially, we have hydropower which will also be very beneficial to our country to provide renewable resources and energy. So, companies coming to make their mark and their flag points in Guyana will be very beneficial for all of us -the locals and the resources specially to provide opportunities and jobs for everyone.”

Tian Chung

Janet Taylor said, “I think this event in itself is a great initiative. It’s a great opportunity to show the young people and soon to be UG graduates the opportunities that are available to them now and that will be available to them in the future. Conferences like these are great to like show citizens where Guyana could be in the next ten, fifteen years -progress on progress on progress.”

Janet Taylor

Dwight Ward said the booths displayed gave insightful information on the opportunities available for persons in the vocational field, among others. He also said the event places Guyana “on the map.”

“I think this expo has been a good opportunity. I think this can definitely boost our oil and gas sector, and we can go above and beyond… and we should use this opportunity to grasp as much as you can.”

Another attendee, Ashanti Horsham a food science student, said Guyanese are equally benefitting from the conference.

Booth at the International Energy Conference and Expo

“You always want to welcome new opportunities in a growing sector but I think it is not only important for the businesses, but it is also important for the people of Guyana because with everything that is going on, we should be at the forefront of everything. So, I think it is really informative as someone who is not directly linked to oil and gas. I was able to gain a lot of interesting information about the oil and gas sector and what they also have to offer for the everyday Guyanese.”

The conference attracted a lot of high profile officials from various international oil and gas companies as well as  government and private sector officials.