Enhancing Hinterland Connectivity: $224.6M invested in Region One road upgrades

The government, through the Ministry of Public Works, has injected a significant $224.6 million into the rehabilitation of a series of road networks in Region One (Barima-Waini).

This transformative project, undertaken by GC Construction Inc., is set to enhance connectivity, boost economic development, and improve infrastructural access for over 2,000 residents in Heaven Hill, Hell Hill, and Station Street at Matthews Ridge.

Rehabilitated roads in Region One

The scope of works encompasses the upgrade of 1,150 metres of laterite road and Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) surfaced roads, efficiently transforming them into rigid pavement concrete thoroughfares ensuring longevity and durability.

DBST is a technique involving the application of asphalt binder material and mineral aggregate.  

The six-month project commenced on July 13 and is expected to conclude this month. However, the project was executed three months early on September 3, 2023.

The rapid and successful completion of this project stands as a testament to the exceptional leadership and project management capabilities of the ministry and contractor involved. This achievement underscores the critical role of meticulous planning and execution in realising infrastructural projects that drive regional development.

Meanwhile, more infrastructural projects are being rolled out for the development of hinterland communities.