ERC should investigate Norton’s threat to incite violence – PPP GS

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has been called on to investigate a threat made by Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, in which he seeks to incite violence.

This ERC is a constitutional body and is responsible for the promotion of ethnic harmony among the six races in Guyana.

PPP General Secretary, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Norton during a press conference expressed that,The government seems to be pushing for physical confrontation and let them know we’re not short of people for a physical confrontation.”

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo during his weekly press conference on Thursday, described the Opposition Leader’s as a ‘petty bully’.

“The ERC should pay particular attention to this because we know this guy is a petty bully … he’s getting more and more desperate and his desperation could cause him to go down this road … It’s bad when the leader of the opposition threatens the country and therefore the ERC must look at this and these petty bullies,” the General Secretary expressed.

Only recently, he met with the newly constituted commission where it was informed of the PNC-led APNU’s  proclivity to travel abroad and push the discrimination narrative to international organisations, in an effort to bring attention.

By doing this, he said they are bypassing the constitutional commission which has the mandate to investigate allegations of racism and discrimination in Guyana.

They know if the investigations were to take place, their allegationswould be disproved and therefore they would have no ground on which to make these allegations internationally. So, that’s why they go abroad, they excite attention thereby passing the body,” Dr Jagdeo pointed out.

The general secretary expressed hope that the United Nations organisations do not aid in undermining the authority of the constitutional body.

The ERC was also assured of the PPP’s cooperation in the discharge of its constitutional mandate.

“I urge them to be firm on anyone who tries to divide our people. I reminded them of the enormous power that they have and that they must not be timid in exercising those powers, both investigatory powers and powers of sanctions,”Dr Jagdeo told media operatives.