Essequibo Technical Institute triumphs at prepared speech competition

…. as Youth Week celebrations continue with focus on mental health

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport collaborated with the Essequibo Technical Institute in Region Two to host a prepared speech competition at the institution. This activity was one of the many activities planned by the Department of Youth as Guyana observes National Youth Week 2019, under the theme, “Inspire and Build Resilient Youth”.

As part of its mandate, the Department of Youth is tasked with ensuring that Guyanese youth are socially, psychologically, economically and culturally prepared to participate and contribute to personal, community and national development and become resilient, responsible citizens. As such, the prepared speech competition presented the ideal opportunity to address the topic of mental health among young people within the Region Two.

Participants were tasked to prepare speeches on the topic “Youth Mental Health Matters”. The topic was chosen as an outlet to provide perspective on adolescent health and well-being, as well as recommendations to mitigate the challenge of addressing mental health matters specific to youths. This activity also aimed at empowering young people on the topic, while lending support for positive outcomes in this area.

The competition saw participation from the Essequibo Technical Institute, Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School, Abram Zuil Secondary School, Aurora Secondary School, Charity Secondary School, Johanna Cecilia Secondary School, Cotton Field Secondary School and the 8th of May Secondary School. Speeches were presented to an audience in excess of 250 persons, with further clarity from Dr. Zubair Mohamed, as he presented on the topic of mental health.

Upon conclusion of the prepared speech competition, Rebecca Jahoran of the Essequibo Technical Institute copped the first prize along with the prize for best overall speaker, while Ms. Kavita Leandial of Anna Regina Multilateral School came in at second place, also winning the prize for best female speaker. The third place prize went to Raenasha Paton of Abram Zuil Secondary School. Joshan Baird of the Johanna Cecilia Secondary School was adjudged the best male speaker.

National Youth Week was launched on May 18, 2019 and concludes on May 25, 2019.