‘Every community is part of the govt’s development plan’ – President Ali

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, on Tuesday afternoon, visited Independence Boulevard (Punt Trench), to assess the ongoing enhancement project.

Dr Ali said this forms part of the government’s national approach to development, “This is one of the major transformational projects we’re doing in this community. This project will not only uplift the entire community, it will provide new areas for recreation, the boulevard, the new lanes of road, the new walkway, it will enhance the general appearance of the community.”

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali interacting with a resident during his visit to Independence Boulevard (Punt Trench)

President Ali noted that the government will work together with the people to ensure that they have equal access to development opportunities.  

But importantly, this project is going to enhance the value here and it’s not only about this project. We’re going to look at all the cross streets and all the drains in Albouystown upgrading them into concrete walkways and pathway. And concrete roads where the space allow. We are going to clean back all of the drainage and we’re going to set aside the piece of land,” the Head of State said.

This is not only geared towards ensuring the lives of all Guyanese are improved but also aligned with the ‘One Guyana’ vision. 

The President asserted, We’re going to take all of the services and give people small areas to have common services so that they will not lose their economic income. So, this is part of what we’re doing to transform every community in our country to brig value, to create greater prosperity to improve living standards and the livelihood of everyone.”

Dr. Ali reiterated that the PPP/C Administration has been working tirelessly to create a future in which all Guyanese, regardless of where they live, would have equal opportunities for progress.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali interacting with a resident during his visit to Independence Boulevard (Punt Trench)

The president has been travelling to various communities around Guyana to spread the concept of ‘One Guyana’ and to address the concerns of citizens.

I’m very pleased to walk through the entire community today. As I said, every single community as far as time gives us the opportunity, we’ll be visiting to ensure that we walk with the people, walk with all the people of the country to uplift their lives, to bring development to every community,” he added.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar also accompanied the president.