Every member of society can anticipate a brighter future– Min Bulkan

DPI, Wednesday December 6, 2018


Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan addressing the National Assembly, in support of Budget 2019, emphasised that the budget was crafted to create, “the enabling economic environment to promote growth and development.”

The Minister explained that this was evident in the very progressive policy measures in support of the Green Agenda such as incentives for companies using alternative energy. The increase in the income tax threshold, public servants’ salaries, youth initiatives, infrastructural improvements for education, health and public sectors were all cited by the minister.

“Amid all the noise emanating from the purveyors of doom, we are empowering the people,” Minister Bulkan said.

He reminded that the holding of the LGEs since taking office signalled the government’s commitment to the primacy of local democracy, “This renewal has seen the emergence of a 27-year old as Chief Citizen of the capital city, the youngest ever by a long way in our history. It has also resulted in the election of a 22-year old as the Chairman of the Beterverwagting/Triumph NDC. The Mayor of Bartica is a young man and reinforced its commitment to renewal at the local level, “No more IMCs!” The minister emphatically noted.

The Communities Minister referred to a recent report made by the Sunday Times, which quoted extensively from statements made by an overseas NGO, the International Centre for Democracy accusing the Government of not having intentions for “strengthening democracy in Guyana …” Minister Bulkan refuted this statement saying, “Our actions, however, speak for themselves and nails the propaganda being peddled.”


Paul Mc Adam

Images: Jameel Mohamed