Every public-school student will benefit from ‘Because We Care’ grant

– Minister Persaud

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud MP, recently spearheaded the distribution of the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant at several schools along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Anand Persaud MP at a ‘Because We Care’ cash grant distribution exercise

Minister Persaud told parents and guardians gathered to receive the grant that every public-school child would benefit. Students from the Laluni Primary, Long Creek Primary and Nursery, Hauruaruni Nursery and Primary and Yarowkabra Primary school benefitted from the exercise.

“The Government overall, will be doling out in excess of GY$3.2 billion to over 172,000 children in this country. Not one child will be left out.

“Not a single one. And why is that? That is because we care, that is because we understand who are our children. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Anand Persaud MP addresses parents and students of Long Creek Primary

The Minister noted that while campaigning in the run-up to the 2020 elections, many parents had asked the then Opposition PPP/C party to reintroduce the cash grant initiative, which was halted by the Coalition in 2015.

While we were crafting our manifesto for the elections, the Senior Executive and those who were crafting the manifesto thought it best to reintroduce that uniform cash grant which is now $4,000.

“We’ve increased it 100 per cent, and the student allowance well, grant, and we’ve moved that from $10,000 to $15,000.”

The Minister also encouraged the parents to pay keen attention to their children’s education and to consult with the teachers regularly to keep abreast with their academic performance.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Anand Persaud MP hands over the cash grants to a teacher of Laluni Primary

Minister Persaud said Guyana is on a path of development and as a Government, they also want to see the children grow.  

“I stand before you this morning, to ask you to join us in the process of developing this country but moreover your children.

“Never one day and especially to you mothers, you born that child, never one day neglect your child or children. Education is important.”

 The Minister noted that the Government has committed to increasing the grants incrementally over the next four years and, by 2025, each student would receive $50,000. Minister Persaud also urged those in attendance, especially the teachers to take ensure they are inoculated against the COVIF-19 disease as schools are set to reopen in September.