External forces will seek to capitalise on Guyana’s political situation – Min Allicock warns

—Leaders must work together to unify nation to resist outside inference

DPI, Guyana, July 21, 2020

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Hon. Sydney Allicock has posited that external forces will seek to capitalise on Guyana’s current situation to interfere in the country’s domestic matters if our political leaders do not head the charge in unifying the Guyanese people.

In this regard, Minister Allicock underscored that leaders must desist from creating discord amongst the people of this nation.

“Division is not going to help us as a nation, it will weaken our situation and allow external forces to capitalise and eventually take control of our systems to manage our affairs…and that will be our undoing. The leaders must work [together] for the good of all Guyanese,” he stated

The Minister made this observation whilst appearing on the television programme Beyond the Surface last evening.

The Indigenous Affairs Minister said that the process of unifying the Guyanese people began under the Coalition administration through the creation of an alliance between six political parties, and once in office, continued through the creation of the Department of Social Cohesion.

“Guyana has never been in a better position than under this government, the Minister said.

He, however, noted that five years are not enough time to undo 23 years of division that existed under the previous administration and that there are still “stumbling blocks in our society today” that must be overcome.

Minister Allicock reminded that Guyana is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural state, and “we must respect each other.”

Noting that Guyana has an abundance of natural resources that can benefit all of its people with prudent management, he reiterated his call for Guyanese leaders to build a cohesive nation that can withstand any external interference in the country’s affairs.